Internal Stacking Four-Bar

My team has already qualified for states, and we are consistently winning tournaments, however we want to be able to internally stack. We have designed and begun building a four-bar to mount on our primary lift (a reverse double four-bar), but we are running into issues with what to use for the actual bars. I have seen both c-channels and standoffs used for this, but which is better in your opinion? Also how is everyone attaching the driven bars without stripping the “lock plates”?

I would use standoffs, a team from my school used them and it is much faster than standoffs from my experience.

I recommend using standoffs because since they are smaller, they make it easier to lift your four bar straight vertical to be able to stack. Cut c channel is a good alternative, but definitely not full size c.

@9065carleton That’s what I’ve been leaning towards. Do you have any recommendations on how to attach the standoffs as bars? Clamping shaft collars maybe?

We just used the large black shaft collars with square inserts, so instead of actually tightening and making sure they don’t move apart, it simply makes sure it rotates with the shaft.

@9065carleton Okay, thank you. Did you use those on the non driven “bars” too?

I agree with 9065craleton black shaft collars are the best way to attach them. I’ve also seen double-sided screws used in some other robots.

We used black shaft collars, but without inserts and just used screws as the pivot point, but you could do either way.

I think the team I saw it on did, not sure.

Nevermind, they didn’t because they attach a shaft with a metal shaft collar and they attached the standoff to it.

@9065carleton @ElectricEagleY Thank you for your help. I’m definitely going to use your input in building our four-bar.

No problem

I’m just gonna throw my 2 cents in here. When I had a DR4B I made a standoff 4-bar and filed a screw down a bit then screw-jointed it on the standoff and into the motor. The filed end allowed us to just directly power it without the use of anything else. It worked pretty well. Just an idea to consider

@NightsRosario That sounds pretty innovative, but I’m a bit confused. Do you have a sketches or pictures of this component?

I’m not sure you’re okay lol. No one from our school is using standoffs for an internal stacker and you have no experience on using an internal stacker.

2831H is

They showed me

We use a cut c-channel and a standoff. The top bar is a standoff and the bottom bar is a cut c-channel. You can buy pre-cut c-channels here: Click Me

What are you confused about?

Like I said. Stop.

Our team is really close with 2831H and we know that they are not using a internal stacker.