International Honors Society of Competitive Robotics

Two years ago I approached my administration to see if I could present honor cords to some seniors on my robotics team. They told me the students had to be recognized by a national or international honors society. To my knowledge there is no such society for competitive robotics. I am proposing the creation of the International Honors Society of Competitive Robotics. I have drafted the following:

International Honors Society of Competitive Robotics (IHSCR)


The purpose of this society is to recognize students who have made exemplary contributions to a competitive robotics team or teams and exhibit noteworthy academic achievement. The criteria to determine exemplary contributions and noteworthy academic achievement will be determine by the team and the organization which the team belongs to (for example: school, school district, boy scout troop, home schooling group, 4-H group, etc.).


The recognition will consist of a Certificate of Achievement which can be designed by the organization who is presenting the award or a modification of the certificate found at (VEX Forums). It can also include a red, white, and blue honors cord which can be worn at commencements and/or other award ceremonies. In addition, the organization can included any other recognition it deems appropriate. The award recipient’s name can be listed along with their contributions at (VEX Forums)

sample honors cord can be found at

Sample certificate can be found at: (if you click on Actions on he bottom and Select Create a copy, you can edit the Google doc)

The Robotics Education and Competition Foundation (REC Foundation) is very interested in this concept and helping out, but with all their efforts with the VEX World Championship, they have not had much time to consider it. I am not sure if we can pull something together in time for the 2012 commencements. So I am hoping to use this forum thread as an “official” place to post my seniors and be able to honor them this year.

Please comment and provide suggestions, And certainly if anyone knows of a an honor society of Competitive Robotics that is already in existence PLEASE let me know!

What about some of the existing professional engineering groups/societies as a basis for this. Sorry too lazy to wrap the URL’s in the post.

These guys are the top two that came to mind:

  • IEEE (along with sub-IEEE gorups like IEEE Robotics and Automation Society)
  • ASME

Then like you said…
-RECF (I would think making a student certification method would be cheaper than scholarships)

Just did a google search to find some of these…

Here’s a resource list:
Here’s another:

Thanks for the response! I looked at some of the associations you mentioned. I considered contacting ASME and IEEE, but the two competitive robotics programs our team has been involved with for the last 16 years (FRC & VRC) is so much more than electrical and/or mechanical. Programming, animation, marketing, business plans, web site design, strategy, and I am sure everyone can list many more. Team members can make outstanding contributions to the team in many areas other than mechanical or electrical. Which is also why I thought honors, rather than honor for the name was appropriate.

The big questions is how do you formally start a honors society. The best I can find from the Art Honor society, Science Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and National Technical Honor Society is an organization just started the society. I think RECF would be best option. When I spoke to them, they were very enthusiastic, but wanted more information on what it would entail to start it up. If anyone has any information on what it would take to start an honors society, comments or thoughts if this is an idea worth pursuing please respond.

Does your school do any honors for students that participate in say Key Club or other service organization? Our system does so we were able set up requirements for a medallion that Robotics team members can earn that is more on the community service and outreach side of things. One of the major requirements is the student must complete a minimum number of hours at another area school mentoring any STEM related activity.

I don’t have the documentation handy but if you PM me your e-mail I can send it to you from school.

I like this idea a lot. Robotics doesn’t fit neatly into any existing technical society. We give out Most Valuable Player certificates at my school, but something national or international, with some agreed-upon standards, would be more meaningful. If you can get it started, i think we’d join.