International Use

We want to make a gift of 3 VEX kits to our sister school in South Africa for use during our student exchange visits. Are there any special considerations to ship VEX components to Durban, South Africa?

The Starter Kits come with 75.41 MHz crystals. You need to check with local authorities to see if there is any restriction or regulations for that hobby radio frequency band.

I am from Germany and bought during my last trip a VEX starter kit. Now I recognized that the 70MHz band is not allowed to be used by remote controllers. Is there a chance to get a transmitter and receiver for the 40MHz band? Or can the HF part of the transmitter be changed so that i would only need another receiver?

Unfortunately, there are no other crystals available other than what we have on our web site and none are for the 40 MHz band. There is no modification that can be done.