interpreting <T02>

So 3 team members can be at the table at one time with a driver badge on. Say this was match 5.
Can the next match - number 6 - have 3 different students at the table with the badges?
Teams get big and sometimes many students are interested in being drivers at a tournament.


Just keep in mind that after you’ve been on a drive team for one team you can not be on it for any other team, including sister teams (i.e. if you drive for 1234A you can’t drive 1234B.

Thank you. Good. I thought if you had one team you could swap drivers between matches.
Can not jump to sister team though. Thanks for that clarification as well.

Can anyone give an example of a team who was called out by a referee for breaking this rule at Worlds? It seemed to me like Worlds refs were pretty relaxed about this rule, which would suggest that it’s intended to stop the more extreme violations (such as one person being the primary driver on more than one robot) rather than minor things (such as a student who isn’t usually on a drive team match loading because the usual person isn’t available, and later doing the same thing for a different team).

On the other hand, maybe referees just didn’t notice people violating this rule because they didn’t know the students. It’s hard enough to keep track of who has been a drive team member for what team even at relatively small events where you know everyone.

Our head referees didn’t call any violations of this rule at VEX Worlds 2015. (Unless they did and I missed the report.) And you’re right, we’re much more concerned about major violations of this rule.

One time we did this and we did not realize we were not allowed to and we got DQ’d from the tournament

I personally ended up not coaching a single High School team out of fear of needing to coach someone at the last minute and not being allowed to.
Tabor rule 1 Tabor 0

This rule and the you must have two drivers rule in VexIQ are my two least favorite rules. As someone that has run a "mega team (team with many robots), it’s a problem when a roboteer does not show up. Then the drive team is short a person, which makes it hard on the team. In the past this has created situations where a robot had to withdraw (which messes up the planners/event staff).

I know why RECF opted to do this, but it’s still a pain when it comes to competition day.