Interrupts in robot c ?

Hello My team since we didn’t make it to worlds we are starting to train in Robot C . Just for fun we are using the VEX Speaker to play a song. But When we press the button for the song it plays the song but the controls get shut off and wont move until the song stops. My question is a student who has graduated from our school recommended us to use a interrupts code to interupt the code in the song and we can drive. How could we accomplish this in Robot C

you’re looking for multi tasking, essentially you need to use tasks instead of functions and then start the tasks so they run in parallel. @Cody has made a pretty good video about this

Which function are you using? We don’t have this issue if you just call playSoundFile() or playTone() functions.

Tasks are the way to go for things like playing a song.

As always, posting the code (and using the code tags (the word code wrapped in and ] is super helpful!