Are there any interrupts on the Full-Size Robot Controller?

**The DIGITAL IN/OUT pins 1-6 can be used as interrupts. Interrupts are for the advanced users and not supported by Innovation First. Refer to the FRC Reference Guide Digital Input/Output section for more info on the locations of hardware interrupts.

You might also want to read the “Using Polled or Interrupt-driven Timers” white paper available here,

It provides useful tips on how to program using interrupts.

Using interrupts can quickly become very complicated, however. You can get more information by reading Microchip’s “MPLAB® C18 C Compiler User’s Guide”, pages 25-30, 44, and 53-55, as well as the 18FXX20 Data Sheet.

Our FRC team would like to support more than two input channels with edge interrupts. It appears from, FRC documents, and the 18F8520 data sheet that processor ports RB4, RB5, RB6, and RB7 are wired to FRC robot controller external pins in support of this. Would you confirm that processor ports RB0 and RB1 are not wired to external pins on the robot controller?

You are correct; RB0 and RB1 are not wired to external pins. The user has access to 6 interrupts. The RC Reference Guide has been update to clarify which digital pin corresponds with which interrupt in Table 7.8.