Intertial sensor values not calibrating to 0

so when I hit the calibrate but on the inertial sensor not all of the accelerometer values reset to 0. the Y accelerometer value is at -.1 when I calibrate (z and x are good) and this makes the roll jump to 6 degrees at the beginning and the heading value changes (when the robot isn’t moving). When ever I move the robot and it comes to a stop the Y accel value is at -.1 ish. I keep calibrating and I get the same results. My sensor is mounted on my bot sideways. Also the gyro values all reset to 0.

Have you tried using the command


this will make it wait until the Gyro is doe calibrating.

The normal calibration procedure does not change anything related to the accelerometers, it’s a calibration for gyro offset only. Some customers have reported that they received sensors that show a larger error in the accelerometer readings when the sensor is level than we would consider acceptable. To address this, we have implemented a more comprehensive calibration that needs to be performed with the sensor under more controlled conditions, however, we haven’t released any details in how to do this as yet. I will try and get some documentation together next week and release here on the forum. vexos 1.0.10 is needed for this new factory calibration procedure.



Any updates on that documentation?

Sorry, have not had time. I will get it done in the next few days, it’s not complicated but I want to make sure the procedure is clear.


see this.


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