Interview Process at Worlds

I was under the impression that interviews at worlds are like interviews at states or regionals. But reading more, It seems like there are multiple interview slots for Design and Excellence Award.

Is there a general interview slot for the other awards in addition to the excellence award interview and design award interview, or are we expected to cover other topics within those two interviews? If so, do you know if they are also assessing criteria for the design award? Additionally, are the general interviews scheduled as well(if there are)?

In the past (and probably this year as well), the Design and Excellence awards are the only ones that have scheduled interviews. There are other judges who walk around the pit area and stop to talk to teams, similar to how it is at local competitions.

Maybe I’m the odd ball then:confused:. Are you certain in other states, judges walk up to the teams and talk to them? In Florida, we have a single, scheduled interview where we have to cover criteria for all of the awards.

Off the top of my head I can say the 4 states I have competed in all had roaming judges. Interviews are all prepared which makes them kinda useless.
New Hampshire

Arizona has roaming judges at every competition. They walk by, you explain your robot, they ask some questions, and move on. Takes at most 8-12 minutes.

To answer OP’s question:

From my experience last year:
If you want to compete in the Design award, you’ll need to schedule an interview. Judges will also be walking around the pits looking at teams, doing on spot interviews if teams aren’t in a rush or otherwise inconvenient. I’m not sure whether or not you need to schedule an interview if you want to compete for things like Judge’s award. I’m also not sure if not getting an interview at your team pit is necessary, but IIRC the judges tried to make a point of talking to your team at some point.

Judges determine awards at the VEX Worlds Championship using several processes:

-Teams being considered for the Design and Excellence Awards are given scheduled interview times to meet with seated judging panels. These teams signed up online by the April 1 deadline to request an interview.

-The Community, Educate, Inspire, Innovate, and Teamwork Awards are judged based on teams’ online pre-submissions. These awards are evaluated by judges before the event begins. Brief follow up interviews with finalists for each of these awards may be necessary to determine awards winners.

-The Amaze, Build, Create, Judge’s, and Think awards are determined by judges who walk the pit area. These judges conduct interviews and observe teams in the pit area and around the venue. They make their decisions based on what they have seen and heard.

-The Sportsmanship, Support, and, Energy awards are determined through a balloting process at the event.

Sweet, this clears up a lot

Should we have a presentation or something prepared for this, or is it intended to be more of a general chat about your robot?

It was strange at Florida states shortly after my interview more judges came to my pit and did another interview. I didn’t see them do that to any other teams though…

Often if two teams are close for an award, and they can’t decide, they will go back and interview them again, then choose a winner. Also, sometimes judges will go back and review the award winners, to make sure they have the correct teams. I would think your situation, would be something similar to these situations.

You are probably right because I won judges award