Intro to Sensors - gyro

Hello, first time posting here. I have a new curriculum in my middle school program to dig in further to my VEX IQ. I’m currently creating a 47 minute or 2 47 minute class periods per sensor. I am starting the with gyro sensor, and an intro through the brain demo to show the students the robot drivetrain coming back to 0 degrees.

Now I wish to program with VEXCode blocks (under text is ready). I am having some trouble finding my way here as I leave modkit for VEXCode. Can someone connect on an activity to program and help my students understand the uses of gyro through a drive program. It hasn’t been working well for me thus far. I appreciate any support.

Click on “Tutorials”


Navigate to and click on “Examples”


Use the Help (the question mark in upper right, then click on block)


Note, configuring the gyro in the Drivetrain Device panel will not allow you to directly access that gyro, it will be used behind the scene to do the math for you. If you want to learn the gyro, either add a second one and only use the simple Drivetrain turn commands with conditional control, or control the drive motors directly, no Drivetrain definition.

This is always helpful:

And there is VEX IQ STEM Labs.

Does this help? If you need more, what have you tried and what isn’t “working well”?