Introducing 2880A Torbots

Hello, we figured it was time for a reveal after this past weekend so here it is, enjoy.

4 motor High Speed All Omni drive
2 motor Adaptive Intake
4 Motor high speed lift (5:1)
Pneumatic assisted lift/hang

5 second Hangs (with ball)
Spits Bucky’s very far across bump

Houston VEX: Semifinalists
Austin VEX: Quaterfinalist
Clear Creek VEX: Semifinalist
Kileen Toss up: Tournament Champion (400X, and 1412Z)
Ball High Toss up: Tournament Champion (1429D, and 1815B)

Future Changes:
Faster Lift
Better Lock
Better Outake
Hold two big balls

Future Competitions;
San Antonio
U.S. Open

VIDEO: (Excuse the background narraration)


Oh my god that hang was fast.

It’s because we have pneumatics and reverse rubber bands. The cool part is that when the pistons extend to help the lift it counteracts the pulling force of the bands

Nice job! I like that blue robot! :wink:

I believe that was a final score of 97 -6.

Yes it was.

You wouldn’t happen to have a video of the very last match, would you?

I wil facebook message the video

Looks like you guys had lots of improvement since we met you guys in AUstin.


In that game, two blue robots were stalled. There was no any resistance.

The lift motors are on high speed?

The ratio says 1:5, so I do not think they are internally geared for speed.

In response to TVEX’s question I felt that this match was showing the best attributes of our bot in a showcase way. if you like I could message you a video where the blue bot’s weren’t stalled, and we did everything the exact same way except that blued actually scored. Please don’t be offended by this response.

In response to the gearing, no it was not geared for speed. Through our own static tests we say that gearing up a high speed motor had less of a stall torque than vice versa.

Thanks to everyone for all of the compliments.

Not at all. I didn’t mean to offend you either. I like your robot and it is much better than I saw it in Austin.

See you guys in San Antonio.

We weren’t offended either, and hopefully by San Anton we will be flawless, since we won’t change much; we’ll just perfect. Can’t wait to see ya!

A new Robot is coming to the South Texas Regional, that is Record breaking in Programming, and Robot Skills.

2-22-14, At 12:00am
ACE will be revealed

Is it a new robot from San Antonio? Whose record? Can’t wait to see it!

Would you mind sharing how many pistons you use to assist the hang?

Looking forward to the release

We have since focused more on launching than hanging, considering that people were able to hang without the use of pneumatics, such as your robot. The pistons were double action, and we had rubber bands pulling down. Word of wise: Don’t reverse rubber band, you will overheat your motors so quick, and you possibly could even break the motor itself. The pneumatic we’re tricky to tweak, and after 3 competitions we finally had gotten it to work. We saw that more and more robots were able to hang without pneumatics, so we decided to make a launcher for San Antonio. We built our San Antonio bot in 3 days, and it performed we’ll, but not to our standards.

ACE will bring together everything we have learned this season.

We plan on a HIGH score in Programming, and a Medium sized score in Robot Skills. Can’t give too many details. See you at regionals!