Introducing ACCESS_OS: An V5 Controller GUI System

Have you noticed any problems connecting in this manner? VEX documentation seems to indicate you should plug into the field controller with the robot/controller powered off - Documentation.

@tlaning there’s a built-in program called statusHUD() that displays the status after selection. For the menu, just call menuCONFIG() and it will show up the menu. As said in the documentation, it’s pre-built, so just run the function and it will do stuff for you.

@Quarkmine I didn’t notice that. At world’s, I believe many teams had the controller and robot on before connecting to the cable. I’ll look into that more.

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ACCESS_OS v2.0.0
Major update. Added sample files for programmers to use. Huge code cleanup. Updated documentation.

As always, please note this is a WIP project, but feel free to use it.
I only ask that you give credit to where credit is due.


Silly question but is this for vexcode or PROS?

It is for VEXcode. You’re welcome to port it to PROS, as the logic should be the same.

Thanks, I was just confused as to why vexcode gives some errors with the cpp files in the include, and though it may be a Pros project.

The latest update broke some stuff so Vexcode wasn’t be able to compile…I’ll try to fix it soon.

Edit: it seems to compile for me. That being said, I don’t have a robot right now to physically upload to.

Next update will include a compiled .zip file of a complete working ACCESS_OS project.

ACCESS_OS version 2.1.0 is out.
Fixed a bug that prevents the drive selector from working.
Added a compiled zip file of a complete template program for a 2 motor drive robot.
I will convert this into the new VEXCODE format and hopefully also into PROS some time in the future, as I have not touched this for ages and there is some serious cleanup and optimizations to do.

Hope whoever uses this find it helpful and if you do use/mod/upgrade it, I just ask you to give credit where credit is due :slight_smile: