Introducing Gear Geeks Jr (8044B)!

We have been flying under the radar this year, but had a good showing at Worlds so I want to introduce the Gear Geeks Jr and their robot to the robotics world. We had a fairly unique design and didn’t want to reveal it until after Worlds. Please take a look at our Innovate Award entry. This should give you a good idea of our design.

link text

If you have any questions, let me know. Basics:

  • 5 omni directional wheel base (5 motors)
  • 2 motor intake
  • 1 motor ball loader to load balls on either arm
  • 1 motor for each striker arm (2 total motors)

We weighed about 21 pounds so we were a little on the heavy side. However, we were able to shoot from the field and had a very high accuracy for the driver control loads. This got us all the way to 9th place in the Opportunity division.

You will be seeing more of the Gear Geeks Jr!

Very cool design with the catapult, but I see you only used 10 motors which is interesting since with another 2 you could have had and 6 motor drive base or a faster catapult which would have made this robot more competitive. Keep up the good work!

Wow that rubber band design is really innovative. Would never have thought of that, nice job!

Actually, my description is misleading. The striker arms take 2 total motors - one for each arm - for a total of 10 motors. But you are correct, we could have made ourselves faster with those two motors - why didn’t we think of that!? Our high school team (8044) - with a very similar design, used the two extra motors for a lift using a block and tackle system. It was highly effective - sadly, no opportunities to lift at Worlds! Our high school team did not fare nearly as well in the hyper competitive Math division!

They used ten including one on each launcher.

Very cool robot!

Cool, the rubber bands on the hammer head are also interesting and unique

Great robot! From what I saw, it was really unique compared to other robots.