Introducing PROS 3

Today, we’re excited to share with you the next iteration of PROS, the open source development environment for VEX EDR. With PROS 3, you will be able to program the VEX EDR Cortex and the VEX V5 from a single development environment.

PROS is a free development environment created by students at Purdue University as an advanced platform to take advantage of the robot microprocessor. Originally developed in 2012 for Purdue’s VEX U team BLRS, PROS was open sourced and made available to the larger VEX community in 2013. Since then, PROS has continued to grow to become a key programming environment for students around the world. Through PROS’s standardized, flexible toolset, students are exposed to and get excited about using real-world development tools seen in the industry.

PROS is primarily comprised of three components: the PROS Kernel, which runs on a robot’s microcontroller; the PROS Command Line Interface, which enables project creation and compiles and uploads PROS projects; and the PROS Editor, which is an editor supporting all of the features of PROS based on Atom.

You can read more about PROS 3 and see our new documentation on our blog post here.

Just read the documentation and heard about using the PROS Command Line Interface to enable usage of any editor, not just Atom. I know this was probably announced recently, but is there any documentation somewhere that explains how to do this?

What this means is that PROS’s Atom integration doesn’t add any unique functionality that the CLI can’t do itself. You can compile, upload, open the terminal, add libraries with Conductor, etc. all through the CLI if you don’t want to use Atom.

The CLI docs are still being worked on.

Ah I see, thank you. I’m just excited I might be able to use Visual Studio Code which is my favorite editor

To clarify, PROS currently for Cortex worked the same way. You could do everything from the CLI and get other IDEs or editors to use the CLI.

Yep, that will be possible :slight_smile:

You said support for Cortex would continue using the PROS 2.x compiler. Does this mean that users of the Cortex system will be restricted to the limited C++ capabilities of PROS 2.x?

Yes, due to hardware restrictions (mainly memory limitations), PROS 2.x (for the Cortex) will still not officially support C++.

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Thanks for making this. I have been enjoying using it for the last few months.

heh :wink:
but extern keyword too op