Introducing: Texas VEX Alliance Cast

Hello, and this is TVA,
Today, we are here to announce a new cast, the TVA Cast. The TVA cast will be an open cast which will be less frequently live, but it will introduce a new spectrum of the alliance. Our alliance, the Texas VEX Alliance, is meant to be open to the community and to show the fellowship of everyone in VEX, so this means that we will always be open to questions in the chatroom at any time during the livestream, talking Q&A on the forum, as well as discussing strategies for this years game. We understand there is the awesomely cool VEX Cast, but we are just trying to select a different approach to discuss Texas’s opinion as well. We may also invite one of you guys every time the stream starts, but right now we’re getting all settled in to get the TVA Cast made. The TVA YouTube channel where videos are posted as well as where the livestream will happen is here:
Our first livestream will happen on Sunday, 5/28/2017 at 4 PM, and we will be open to any discussion about the cast. EDIT//: 5/28/17
Members: 3674R, 3674G, 1815D, 1815G, 590V, 9134A, 2019[Undecided Letter], and 5408[Undecided Letter]
We wish you an awesome season of VEX Into The Zone!
Any questions/comments? :slight_smile:

Look forward to this.

Go Texas!

Thank you, I appreciate the support!

I’m definitely looking forward to this and will check it out if I find the time. Good luck!

Just a very quick notice; we will be postponing the date to another time due to the fact that we need to be a bit more known to the VEX community before we start broadcasting. We have everything set up to record, but not enough people who are that interested. Sorry for the very short notice.

Probably a good idea, though I hope it we be back on someday soon.

lul henry