Introducing the 2017-18 VEX IQ Challenge Game: Ringmaster

Your original post specified the teamwork challenge or the manual skills challenge. For both of those you should follow what Steve said, use a button key to start and stop the motor.

When the match / skills starts you would press the UP key to start, when the match ends you would need to press the DOWN key to stop. It’s super important that the team get used to stopping the motor when the match ends.

Your latest question with “interaction with the remote control” has more to do with the automated skills challenge. For that you should start your routine with the touch LED like you are doing now.

Are you good with the difference between the two different types??

Yes, my question was regarding the autonomous skills challenge. I re-checked the game manual. It says the remote control cannot be turned on during the challenge. So that’s pretty clear that using a button on the remote control to start the routine is not a valid option.