Introducing us: 7480A

Hi, my promo guy (Facebook, twitter, forum, etc.) forgot about the forum so this is why I, the CADer, am doing it. Our robot is a U-bot with omni wheels at my back (not my idea, makes it hard to drive) and the “high traction” wheels at the front (VEX calls them high traction, but they are the smooth ones). We have a tower at the back with a intake system going and then a double flywheel with a pair of free wheels. We can get into the high goal and are working on a better autonomous. Included are some photos of our robot. -the link to our website, it is a work in process, but we are getting it done. -a seperate website for the journal

Welcome to the forum!

Good Luck!

@7480A Why did your team decide to go with Omni in back and traction in front?

Makes it harder to drive, there’s better options out there.

Like a banshee drive