Introducing Vex Robotics to my German High School

Hi everyone,
how did worlds for you go? I really had a great experiece, we just returned Monday.
A huge thank you to all my teammates and my lovely mentors of course who made this possible. As the season is over for us and my exchange year will be ending soon, too :cry:, I am planning to introduce Vex to my German High School.
( Just for the record: Yes, this school even takes its international students to worlds to represent Ireland!! Huge tribute to the school and my mentors, I´d say thats one of the reasons why they won the Community Award in the Engenering Division.)
Coming to the point: What kit would you recomend buying? We will probably need an arena. What would your strategy be to set up a new team? Thanks for your help!


Also, does Vex still sponsor kits in Germany?

When my team started up, we didn’t buy any of the starter kits. We just bought a bunch of pieces that we thought we would need. Make sure you purchase enough resources to support the number of teams/robots you want to have. Our school paid for all of our parts so hopefully you can get your school to do the same because it can get super expensive.

For setting up a new team, we did a little demo at a club expo thing that my school has. This is basically when all the clubs set up tables and other students can walk around to check each club out. I think the best way to get others to join robotics is to show them how cool it is, so get a robot out with some game elements and drive it around. Maybe even let some of the people who are interested drive it around. Promotional videos are also a good way to show people what VEX is all about.

About VEX sponsoring kits in Germany, I’m not sure. But I’m pretty sure that there are resellers in Germany that carry VEX parts. Just be careful though because there is a reseller in my country but it’s just cheaper to order the parts directly from VEX. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help! First thing I have to do is to convince my principal about it, but I´d say it won´t take much to get him interested as far as I know him, and my parents are fully supporting me with this. Might be a bit difficult to find a room in our school. I also made friends with the German team at Worlds and told them about my plans - they kindly offered help.