Introducing Vex Scout, Scouting on the Fly

Hey Vex Community!

Team 3309B is proud to announce the new scouting app, Vex Scout!
This app brings all the data you need into the palm of your hand.
We have recently redone the UI and added major features and improvements.
As of right now, it is only available on Apple’s App Store, but there are plans for an Android version if there is enough demand for it.
We plan to continue to update and improve Vex Scout in the future.
Please check it out and let us know what you think! We are always open to suggestions.

Link to app:

Promo Video: [

Please download and don’t forget to rate!
Thank you,

Team 3309B](
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 6, 2015, 1.00.37 PM.jpg
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 6, 2015, 1.00.41 PM.jpg
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 6, 2015, 1.00.52 PM.jpg
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 6, 2015, 1.00.55 PM.jpg
iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 6, 2015, 1.01.09 PM.jpg

I got this app almost right when it released. So far I think it’s one of the best and useful VEX apps I have seen/used. Great work guys!!

Will there be an android version that will be released?

Awesome job!

Absolutely amazing app! The only problem that I have is sometimes the text goes off the screen.

If there’s demand you say? I demand it! XD. Looks very nice. Yet to try it on an ios device since I dont have one but I’ll be following this thread and waiting for that android version.

Thank you for your review on the App Store! Remember to tell teams in your area!

An Android version will be produced if there is enough demand. As of right now, we are seeing that many people want one, so expect one in the future.

Thanks Harrison! :stuck_out_tongue:

We are currently working to fix this. It occurs with teams and competitions with longer names. Expect a fix in the next update.

Yes sir! I shall start immediately!

First off, good work! I always like it when people make software tools for the community!

Where are you getting the data from? VexDB? Or are you fetching it all yourself from RE?

Ah, I’ve now figured out who you are! I’ll email you later about something that will probably be useful for you with the API. :slight_smile:

All of the data is crawled from RobotEvents except for OPR and DPR which are gotten from VexDB. We thank you for supplying us with it! :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Are you sure you should use the word “Vex” in the app title? It may be a protected word.

Our teams would definitely use the Android version of this App. Great work!

Outstanding work!! Thanks for taking the time to help the community.

At this time, we do not believe it is a problem.

I will begin working on an Android version soon.


If it helps there is an Objective-C interpreter called Marmalade that could probably accelerate creation of the Android version.

Great app!

“VEX” (all caps) is a trademark of Innovation First International, Inc., but “vex” (or “Vex”) is a generic dictionary word that is not trademarked. I named my app “Vex Score” for the same reason—to avoid any trademark issues. :wink:

My team would enjoy an Android app, since my team is split between iOS and Android right now.

I will definitely look into it.

I am officially starting an Android App.

Just wondering, would you consider accommodating windows phones as well?
The windows store is really lacking any vex related apps.