Introducing Vex Scout, Scouting on the Fly

I demand an android version

Very cool app! Thanks for you great work.

Great to see a android version is in the works, because I too demand an android app :stuck_out_tongue:

If this were to happen, it would most likely be in the far future. No guarantees yet.

Glad to see plenty of demands :smiley:

Thank you!

tfw you have iOS 7… :frowning:

To everyone being sad about not being able to run the App, remember about VexDB, it shows everything for events and teams with the custom ranking methods this App (and Vex Via) shows too.

VEX Scout has just been updated! Here is what we changed and added:

  • Updated User Interface (New Pretty Colors and Some Other Changes)
  • Added new Competition Finder; Type in a state/providence and see all the competitions in that area
  • We have contacted VEX and they have given us permission to use the title “VEX Scout”. The app is still however an unofficial app and is in no way associated with VEX Robotics.
  • Fixed this bug

For all of you wondering, we have begun to work on an Android version of VEX Scout.
Update Today!

Is it by any chance possible to lower the build target to iOS 7? I am unable to update, and I’m sure there are others out there like me. If there’s no iOS 8 features being used (of which there are very few) would it be too much trouble? I would love to use your app, it seems really neat and useful!

Android is good, android is great, since this is really happening, I might make a cake :slight_smile:

I briefly looked into lowering the build target and have decided that the Android app should take precedence. There would be a lot to change in the current iOS 8 version of the app since the app uses many concepts that were introduced in the iOS 8 SDK. The iOS target may be lowered after the release of the Android app, but until then, sorry to anyone who is unable to update :frowning:

Glad to see people are excited! I too, enjoy cake.

If this is what I think it is, I need it on Android and I need it NOW.

Any updates on the progress of the android app?
I found this thread today and now I must have it.

beautiful application, however in an update it would be nice if we could add comments and pictures to the robot that are public or private and sometimes in the score calculations the percentages are unrealistic (100.4% chance of winning when 6030j + 5090a is against 6030 + 6030b)… Love the graphing!
P.S. what does OPR, DPR, and CCWM stand for in the graphs?

If I remember from last year,

OPR- Offensive point rating
DPR- Defensive point rating
CCWM- ???

Calculated contribution to win margin.

Just adding to what the previous two have already said - for more information about these three have a look here. On that page there’s also a link to the slides that cover how they’re all calculated in more detail if you’re interested in that.

Beautiful algorithms, the only point ranking system I would add is consistency, how far away the average of the scores above the average is from the average averaged with the average of the scores below the average or something like that.

Meh, sounds kinda average. Or am I being too mean? Arithmetic mean, that is.

laughing your mode is so mean :wink: horribble pun but it’s the thought that counts :slight_smile:

It was a decent pun. If someone calls it average, that’s just mean.