Introducing Vex Scout, Scouting on the Fly

Would it be possible to add more detailed information, and maybe graphs and such, for certain teams of a user’s choosing? We could use the basic data, like OPR, DPR, and CCWM to narrow down our search, then compare the remaining teams using data like average, highest, and lowest match scores. I’m sure there are other quantifiable data points to consider that I am not aware of, since I am not a scout for my team.

Hey, I got the app yesterday and I love it. My only suggestions would be to have a more detailed explanation included in the app on things like opr dpr or ccwm. I’m not really sure what they mean and how to leverage them right now. My other suggestion would be to have projected rankings for tournaments so it would be easier to find teams to watch for at big tournaments.

Android app please?

I downloaded this a while ago. You guys need to get stats on 1477A and B. It’d be cool to be in the app since it provides such an amazing way of keeping track of our record vs other teams.

I’m also going to request an android app.

Android would be awesome!!! Great App!

Reason 11: Vex Scout

Try again. I see both of these teams in the app complete with all statistics.

Thank you for all of your feedback. We will soon be adding as many features as we can. The Android App will probably be delayed until Summer time or further notice. Our team has our own robot that we have been working on. Sorry for the delay :frowning:

Will there be an update for the 2016-2017 season of Starstruck?

Ditto last year I depended on vex scout for 4/5 of my information on teams… now we’re just sadly doing it the old fashioned way…


Will there be an update?

Please make it for android.

One of my guys made one similar for Android. It’s called VEX Scouter. Heads up it’s still in development. Usable but a little buggy.