Introducing VexDB’s Q&A Database

It’s my pleasure to announce an update to your already beloved VexDB. Effective immediately a Q&A Database has been added. This database is an organised version of all the Q&A’s you can find here on the forum and is live updated as questions are asked and answered.

@Jij and I approached @nallen01 a few months back regarding this project and we’re very happy with what Nathan has produced. The Q&A database can be found here. May it answer all your questions.

Thank you to Nathan from AURA for putting in the work on this project and, of course, @Karthik for answering all the questions.

Q&A Database

Please note that all information contained on the database is unofficial. Whenever you want to refer to something you should always use the official manual or official VEX Forum post. For ease of use the title of each Q&A Entry will link to the original post on the VEX Forum

Thanks for setting this up!

Question - how do you categorize the questions? Some titles are vague. So, are the questions entered into the DB manually and then automagically updated?

The script goes through the post and looks for any mentions of a rule number, if not by the person asking, then usually Karthik will say it. The Post is then catagorised under every rule it can find reference too. That being said we have manual control if things are placed incorrectly.

Great work! I had automatic categorization software for news wire articles in the 80s, it was always fun when it got it wrong:)

Good luck! Very valuable resource and very elegant UI!


Karthik will be happy.

EDIT: Will new Q&A be automatically categorized in the database?

I already asked Karthik about it while working on it, he said it is a “cool resource” :stuck_out_tongue:

And yup! There’s a little bug with the automation at the moment that seems to be missing fetching the answers, but I’ll fix that up today.

Just a note, a post can be categorised under any number of rules / definitions. If you notice anything that you think is categorised wrong or missing a categorisation then just let us know and we can easily fix it!

I like it… Very handy

Thumbs up from me. Thanks for putting this together!

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Indeed :slight_smile:

It’s always great to see our community putting together and sharing resources for the benefit for all teams. Thanks to Nathan and everyone else who worked on this.