Introducing VRC team 621A, ID:10T5

Hello everyone, I am the programmer a new team! This is my 2nd year on a team however for everyone on my team are new to VRC. Our team is a bit of an outreach to a neighborhood that has families that would not be able to afford putting their kid on a robotics team. For that reason we only require that members raise fund by either selling lollipops or going from business to business. We are very excited for our first year and can’t wait until we get to show everyone what we can do. To learn more you can visit our website, I created and manage the website and I’m open to suggestions, comments, constructive criticism etc.

Good luck on your first year as a new team!

The website looks good, once you’ve been to competitions and have pictures it will be much easier to fill in some more info. I didn’t look at everything, but I noticed this statement:

You may want to reword it, as it might be a bit confusing. The first time I read it I thought you meant they were posted without permission.

thank you, I will reword immediately. Also the contact form doesn’t work, I’ll have to fix that :stuck_out_tongue:

Always cool to see new teams coming up! Best of luck this year. When’s your next competition? You guys think you’ll be ready by then?

September 27th. We hope to have our robot competition ready by Sunday.

You know, sometimes the best part of VRC is not just simply winning. It is you and your teammates pulling everything together and turning a crappy team into a winning team. There’s this long, arduous journey ahead, guys, but definitely rewarding.

Good luck and hope to see you guys some day!

Something I forgot to mention is that if you view the website in Firefox (the only browser I tested that works) or some other browser that supports it, the favicon is animated :smiley:

It sure is, and it’s fun :smiley: