Introducing VRCC Team NAR - North American Robotics

North American Robotics, Team NAR, is the first ever international VEX Robotics College Competition team. Composed of members from the United States and Canada, they aim to take on the highest level of the VEX Robotics competition. The team is the first ever international alliance to enter the college division as one team. With design and fabrication taking place from Ontario, Canada to Florida, USA, NAR will truly represent North America.

 NAR consists of members from Aperture Robotics, KTOR, and VRC/FRC 610. The original idea behind this team was to have two separate teams, NAME and CAKE, that worked in conjunction to formulate robot concepts, designs, game strategies, and finally help each other fabricate the robots and market the North American design aesthetic. The plan was to identify each team as entities of North American Robotics, an organization to support these two and potentially more teams. However, after several discussions we decided that we would be more sustainable competing together as one. Thus resulting in NAR, a team of college students, thousands of miles apart, yet all of us eager to take on the VRCC world in an entirely new way. 

Founding Members:

Chuck Glick (2012-Present)

  • USA
  • 169 (VRC) Head Coach, 1712 (FRC) Alumni, KTOR Alumni
  • Temple University

Nick Lawrence (2012-Present)

  • CAN
  • 610 (FRC/VRC) Mentor, 1503 (FRC/VRC) Alumni
  • Mohawk College

Mehdi Maichouf (2012-Present)

  • USA
  • 2757 (FRC) Mentor, 1902 (FRC/FTC) Alumni
  • University of Central Florida / Valencia College

Andrew Remmers (2012-Present)

  • USA
  • 2757 (FRC) Mentor, 1902 (FRC/FTC) Alumni
  • Valencia College

See you in Anaheim!

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Yeah, NAR…narwhals?

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