Invalid asset table version

We had our brain replaced by VEX, the new brain when turned on said INVALID ASSET TABLE VERSION! It can not connect to the computer. I can not get Firmware updater to recognize it.

Iā€™m not an expert, but I would guess you should contact vex support again. @jpearman any other suggestions?


The usual solution is to just update firmware using either VEXcode or the V5 firmware update utility. Make sure only one VEXcode (or other) app is open when trying to connect to the brain. If you cannot connect, perhaps try another USB cable, USB port or computer.


This is happening to me as well. We were using VEXcode to update the firmware, but it went to this screen. I used the V5 Firmware utility to update the firmware, but the screen is still the same. When connected to VEXcode, it shows the firmware is up to date. Any suggestions on what to do?