Inventor 2013 or 2014?

Hey everyone,
So I recently (like two weeks ago) I started using Inventor to try some CAD stuff, using the 2013 version. Today I found out that there is in fact a 2014 version, and it requires more RAM. Now, the laptop I am using (don’t have access to a proper computer) has only 4GB which is the recommended amount for 2013, and it is already running slow as a snail in molasses. Should I try to get the 2014 version? If I do and if I don’t, can someone please explain pros and cons to each version?

Just a general tip:
Are you sure that RAM is the limiting factor on your computer? I’d suggest to check your processor speed, too…

I agree with Andrew. In my experience, it is usually the CPU that is maxed out before the RAM when using Inventor.

I don’t actually think that much changed in Inventor 2014, so perhaps they just got more accurate data. =P I would suggest using 2014, it has a few nice improvements and you won’t have to upgrade later.