Inventor 393 Motor Question

Is there a 393 motor with an IME installed to it available to use in Autodesk Inventor 2012?


Is this for the design contest? Otherwise you could just take the standard green cover and add an extrusion to be the same height as the IME cover… it would at least be the same for modeling purposes…

Otherwise you should be able to use the STEP file vex provides for all their parts…

And just constrain it so it covers the green cover… ( no one will see that the green cover is still their unless you use wire frame) you can download from this link

Alright, thanks.

How would I convert the STEP file to an Inventor File?

Uhmm you should be able to insert the Step file directly into an assembly… you just won’t be able to modify it like an .ipt

If you go to insert then find then find the file type drop down… select all files and find your step file…

At least I think that should be right… ( haven’t done much with STEP files…)
Try this

just import the step file … double click to edit it … simple … did it with a 393 so you could see what the internals looked like (for a demo) … fairly easy