Inventor Guide

The Inventors Guides says to use motor ports 2,3,7,8, jumper A/D port 14, and RF Trans = mode 23 for Software 12 mix. When I try these ports 7 and 8 do not respond at all. After some testing I determined that ports 1, 2, 3, and 4 are enabled. I am using Master code 6. Is this a typo in the Inventors Guide or do I have a problem?

There is a miss print on page E.6 in Appendix F. Also, always check our web site for current Inventors’ Guides. For 4 wheel drive you should be using 1,2,7,8 not 3,2,7,8. All PWM Output ports are mapped to the transmitter. If ports 7 and 8 work with different configurations, then the Vex Controller is most likely working properly. Reset your Transmitter to the default state and try again.