Inventor: How To Create Lexan Piece

How do you create a piece of lexan in Inventor 2012? I need a 5.125"x15.125" piece for my robot. How do you do that?


Short answer: Create a IPT, draw the part in sketch mode, create an extrude feature to bring it into 3d.

There’s a whole host of part modeling help available for Autodesk Inventor out there.

^Do this. But you can also convert to a sheet metal part, adjust the thickness, and create flanges and things. That way, you can “simulate” bending and create an unfolded 2D map afterwards.

Got it! Thanks.

We start a sheet metal part and simple set the sheet’s thickness appropriately (1/16"). This I feel is a better workflow as the sheet metal part has other tools like flange and bends that are not quite as easy to find on a standard part.

Basically sheet metal is designed for working with flat things so there are special tools in there that work better. I would recommend using it.