Inventor Parts are Goofed up


So, I’ve had this problem for a while now: My Inventor parts don’t all work. Some have these Orange Holes inside, and others don’t; The ones without the Orange Holes can’t be constrained by the center, which is vital for our designs. I have a workaround, but it involves sketches in parts, and it takes forever, and the parts don’t look right after. I’ve switched computers, parts libraries, and the one I’m currently using are the best I can find, but they are far from perfect.

My asked my coach, and he told me to post here because there is no way everyone CADs with these problems.

I have attached images of the problem

I would appreciate if anyone has a better library, or if they know a way to fix it.


This is the BNS CAD library. It has iMates, so you can just alt-drag parts together, which is pretty nice.

If you want to keep using the same parts, you can just put the circles in yourself. The orange holes are surface models. You can just sketch a circle in, rectangular pattern it, and extrude it. Kind of like what this person does in the first bit of this video. However, you have to do this for every single part. The BNS CAD library has everything done for you, so I recommend that.


Still doesn’t seem to work


My library might help:

It’s built on the BNS library with V5, almost every hole of c-channel there is, some more fixed imates, and is updated relatively regularly.


One problem I’ve had with most of the CAD libraries I’ve tried is that c-channels holes are not centered. Could you please check for me whether this is the case for the BNS library? The images below should help to show what I mean.

Thank you,


I am pretty sure that the square holes in c-channels are not centered on the parts irl.


if this is true, my life is a lie


@Vyx same


I’d like to think that it’s centered irl, lol. But also some libraries have it centered, just they have iMates and/or circles inscribed in both hole faces - methods of constraining which I find less fluid. Idk, I just hope that it’s centered irl!