Inventor Parts list 2014

Hello, I was wondering if there is a full parts list? Do you know where I can download it for inventor 2014?

In particular I need the 2.75 omni wheel which isn’t on the parts list I currently have.

I’d have a look at some of the CAD libraries that are available on the forums. Also, VEX should have every one of their parts available to download in CAD as STEP files. Just look on the product page for which part you need.

I don’t know what CAD library you are using, but I highly suggest this one made by Jordan Kiesel (Legomindstormsmaniac) it is 2013, but works in 2014 just as good.

For the specific 2.75" omni wheel I attached it below.
2.75’’ Omni Directional Wheel - Double Roller.iam (114 KB)

Hey just wondering but what makes this better than other libraries? What are iMates?

Okay so normally in cad you would have to line up all 3 dimensions in 3d space to ensure the two pieces of metal meshed. Instead with imates you can drag a hole to another hole and its mated perfectly. Plus the imate can act as a rotational joint if its the only way a piece of metal is attached. Imates are pretty much screws. They also had to be added manually two for every hole on every piece of metal

I suppose this is the right answer, but iMates are technically just one half of a constraint. In the case of the metal, Jordan created a sketch on the metal which creates correctly positioned and sized circles where the center of the square is in the center of the hole (.092 in). For the purposes of the metal, the Insert constraint flushes two circles along the same plane, matches their center points, and flips the circles so they are both in a given direction. So the metal contain the half of the iMate specified by the metal. Screws (a circle at the base of the head) and other parts contain the other half of the iMate.

Ok, that sounds great! Do iMates make a build more strenuous on the computer? As in another thread you may have seen, I’m already having issues with too much strain on the pc.

But regardless, thanks for the info and the help!

Probably not. I suppose it has to load a little bit extra data and getting the iMates to load can sometimes take a few seconds when there are a lot, but I’ve never had any crashes from iMates.

Remember to ground parts whenever you can! Grounding means Inventor doesn’t have to simulate the part constraints, only render them. Use constraints to correctly align and place parts in your assembly, then ground them. This can significantly cut down the strain on the CPU depending on how big your assembly is. Your entire drivetrain could probably be grounded, except for the wheels if you care to have them rotate.

Thanks for the tip! Ill make sure I do that. I also have to sometimes make motors and wheels invisible to jeep it faster.

You can shrinkwrap the wheels and motors to make them a single Inventor Part. When you place the wheels and motors, you are actually placing assemblies, as they are in real life. By shrinkwrapping, you get the “shell” of the motor. I can post instructions on how I shrink wrap parts for this purpose if you’d like.

Tabor and edjubuh have already covered this, but it makes assembling parts much easier. Bearings for example, they fit right with the imates to be placed perfectly on the metal square holes.
Use the insert constraint with the imates to the circles on the bearings and you will see what I mean.

Here is another one of Jordan’s CAD librarys , its the same concept just with 2D sketches,

here you can see the nicely placed sketches on each hole of the c channel

Here you can see the axis of the bearing being lined up with the 2D sketch on the metal

And finally, the bearing is on the metal, and view of sketches turned off.

(If this was confusing, please do ask questions to help clarify!)

Again, its the same concept with imates just use the insert constraint.