Inventor: Robot Model Videos


So I’ve started uploading VEX related content to my YouTube channel. These past couple of days, I’ve been consistently uploading videos of my team’s robot’s subsystems (base, lift, and claw) and I’ve reached the point where I have nothing left on our robot to model. I’m making this post partly to bring more attention to my videos from people interested in robotics, but also to see if anyone would like me to model their team’s robot. The assembly would be recorded and uploaded afterwards and the team would get the assembly file back when it’s done.
I totally understand if you don’t want to share what you’re using in competition, but if you’d like me to build your robot in Inventor please send an email to ‘[email protected]’.

The email should be somewhat structured like this:
Team number:
Subsystem photos / description (More pictures = better results):

If you’d like to see the videos I’ve created, you can check them out here:

Hey! This is team 934z, and Jacob recently did a full CAD of our robot at no charge. Not only was this an outstanding opportunity for our team, but was completed with outstanding performance by team 7842. Based on the few pictures I sent them, they were able to accurately and efficiently draw our robot in Autodesk Inventor, despite its complexity and intricate design.
This Cad, although referencing team 7842 and their help in our documenting notebook, aided us in our judges’ interviews and effectively helped us win the Excellence Award at the HS Maryland State Robotics Championship.
Jacob, you are truly talented and I envy your abilities. That being said, you really are helping various teams out a great deal by doing this, and thank you for your work.
And to anyone out there, I highly recommend looking into the opportunity. There really isn’t any catch to this offer, and can help showcase the design process regarding your 2016-2017 VEX robot.

I’m very glad to hear this!

Thank you. It means a lot to hear that, actually. Although it was a tough project at some points, I really did enjoy making it for you and your team.

Let me know if you need anything else done in the future! :slight_smile: