Inventor to F360

Our team is wanting to transition to F360 but we have some assemblies in Inventor. Is there an easy way of converting an Inventor assembly so it can be opened in F360 preserving all the joints and so on? We have a good bit of a robot CAD in Inventor but want to start using F360 as we have more computers that can run F360 and F360 can do more and is supposed to be easier once it is learned.

this in general is difficult to do between any CAD program, as they use different file types.

You might be able to save them as stp files, but you won’t keep any of the motions.

edit: Since they are both autodesk, you may be able to find a common file type. Have you looked at youtube?

Not yet, but that is a good idea. I also plan on asking on the Autodesk forum. I figured here might be a good place to start as teams making a transition may have faced our exact situation.

What is the motivation to switch to Fusion?

We have one computer that can run inventor and it is my personal PC. Our other PCs are very old hand me downs that were built in 2008. They can run F360 but not Inventor. Additionally, F360 can do more than Inventor and I have been told is easier to use.

I do not know how to CAD at all so I personally have no preference.

I did find this article and it seems pretty straight forward.

Im new to VEX, I down loaded fusion 360 I downloaded the inventory file. How do I upload the inventory into fusion 360 please help

I believe this is not possible. Once you have joints set on inventor, if you transfer the assembly to Fusion, you’ll lose all those joints. You’ll need to add the joints again in Fusion.

Check this out:

"One thing, you should keep this. when you import assembly files to Fusion the all of joint will lose, which means you need to add a joint again in Fusion.
and when you import IPN file, Fusion 360 doesn’t recognize it.

I believe the only things that F360 has over inventor are that it store your parts to the cloud automatically (you can have the same project on multiple PCs, sharing all the parts you’re uploading), you can also render your product using their cloud server (usually better quality and faster than local render from Inventor), and it’s very user friendly, at least in my opinion.

Remember that Fusion mostly store your parts into the cloud.
To upload a file, be a step file, igs, etc., first create a project in the data panel, a folder if you want, and simply click upload. It’ll ask you to browse your part to upload it. You can also select multiple parts at the same time.