Inventor vs. Fusion 360

At Worlds I got to see Fusion 360 in action at the Autodesk area. We have been using Fusion for the last few years and didn’t know if anyone else was thinking of switching or had switched to Fusion 360? So far my observations are that it is much easier to “join” parts together in Fusion, but I am having more difficulty cutting pieces, etc.

Interesting… I have been only using Autodesk Inventor for my designs and was wanting to get into Fusion for other purposes than VEX but I was wondering how VEX in Fusion works.

Where are the parts for use in Fusion found?

I can’t seem to find them

Makes me curious what the difference is between the programs? Why would Autodesk make two different 3D modeling softwares? Each must have a specialty of sorts.

Fusion sort of combines Maya and inventor and makes the user experience a bit more friendly
More focused towards modelling things as well as assembly
At least that’s what I think

You can use Super Sonic Sparks parts and upload them to Fusion 360. It was really pretty easy to get them all in there.
What i’m most excited about is the ability to

  1. Share parts with my students (Fusion 360) is a semi-cloud experience.
  2. Works on a Mac!!!
  3. Multiple people can work on a assembly together, etc.

It seems like Autodesk is doing a One Platform concept. Fusion 360 allows you to sketch, build, assemble, 3d print, animate etc. Sadly, it’s a lot of new things to learn vs. Inventor.

Ugh. I’ve been trying to learn Inventor for the past 5 years. Pretty sure I still only know about 2% of what it can do. Not sure if I want a more complicated program.

Where do you get those parts for VEX?

I don’t think it’s more complicated, just different enough that I have to watch tons of Fusion How-to videos to get it to do what I want it to do.

Super Sonic Sparks VEX CAD Files -

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Fusion is more for freeform design and aesthetics within an engineering world, while Inventor is mainly for functional design. Doing anything freeform in inventor is difficult to impossible, but making complex motion assemblies is easy. I don’t have much experience with fusion 360 in assemblies and such, but freeform is easier just based on the interface and tools.

How do I place parts made in inventor (*.ipt) into fusion?

I can’t find any way to do this in the interface

Attached is how I did it.
Uploading in Fusion 360.pdf (71.1 KB)

Thanks, I was also trying to upload the parts to fusion but failed. I will try it when I get home.
Btw, I downloaded jordan’s library to my new pc and there were new parts( 3 hole c-channel). When was this library updated?


Glad to help. I have been working on some basic cut metal pieces and will PM you when I get them done.

I see fusion supports cloud rendering. This really appeals to me as our team has been looking to put clips of our CAD into our reveals but even a 1080p 30 sec render takes literally weeks.

This seems extreme? Are you using a computer with a decent graphics card/processor/ram combo?

I’ve rendered 1080p video on a laptop from 2010 that doesn’t have a graphics card, and it took less than a day.