How do I get a nice picture out of my CAD?

I want a black background on my CAD… I also want it to be crystal clear.

Try installing Inventor Publisher or Showcase. They let you import your models and you can have all sorts of neat views.

You can go into inventor studio in normal inventor and get nice pictures and videos

If your in Inventor studio, save your time and take a screen snapshot. To get a nice picture your gonna need a different program such as Showcase or 3ds Max. I haven’t touched CAD in over a year but I’m going to be getting back into it and I could give you more insight once I do, but to get a nice clear picture with a good looking background as far as shading and lighting goes, you’re going to need a program to render the CAD real good.

Not to mention a good video card.

I would suggest Inventor Studio, (under the environments tab) you can get some really neat renders using the sample settings

here are a few of my better ones that I did in Inventor Studio

Inventor Studio (under the inventor environments tab) would be fine for what you want to do. To use 3ds Max or Showcase is a whole other skill to learn, and takes a little while to get good at.

Make sure when you render to have a somewhat high resolution image and to turn anti aliasing to have a clean and sharp image. I will also recommend to be careful with the materials and textures as they don’t always behave how you expect them too.

Expect whatever method you choose to render the CAD to take some time, especially on lower end computers. Even at the high end computers we had at our school specifically for CAD and 3D modeling, rendering complex models like complete robots took several minutes.