Inventor's Guide Update 2008

We are proud to release an updated and revised version of the VEX Inventor’s Guide. This new version of the Inventor’s Guide is designed to serve as a VEX Reference Guide to anyone using the VEX Robotics Design System; it is available for download here.

John!!! Your the BEST!!!

Special thanks to Quazar and gblake for their help in revising this guide.

Was hoping there would some wifi stuff in there…

Anyone experiencing an issue with images becoming inverted should refer to this thread:

The problem should be all fixed now.

Enjoy the new guide!


Has the Quick Start Guide mentioned in the Inventors Guide been published yet? A local teacher would like to use it in a workshop for other teachers.


This is not available yet. It should be in the next few months.


Would it be possible for you to post a pdf of the new Inventor’s Guide with all the various add-on inserts in the right places?

It would be very handy to have a single reference file to open/search that included all relevant published documentation.


  • Dean