Inverting motors has stopped working in RobotC

I have a program in which a few of the motors are inverted in “Motor and Sensor Setup”. I recently had to do some stuff in Modkit on the same robot so changed the firmware. Have just restored the RobotC firmware and the motors always go the non-inverted way regardless of whether the check box is selected or not. I have tried removing and reselecting all the motors to no avail. Any ideas?

1.09 ROBOTC firmware updated via the VEX updater. ROBOTC version 4.08.
Thinking about it nhow, I have changed something since I last used ROBOTC for IQ and that is that I have installed RVW as well. I notice I have lost the icons of my desktop for the IQ graphical interface so I wonder if something has changed since the RVW install.

Hey there,

If you can, please post your code that you’re using or sent it to and we’ll be happy to take a look.

You also mentioned that you have Robot Virtual Worlds installed as well - might you be using a BETA pre-release version that supports the VEX IQ? You shouldn’t have lost any icons when installing Robot Virtual Worlds, so my fear is that you may have downgraded your installation but are still running up-to-date firmware.

I tried to re-install ROBOTC 4.08 fresh from the download link but it said the version I had was newer than the one I was trying to install. So uninstalled RVW and re-installed 4.08 and all is well again, motors inverting correctly. The version of RVW I installed was also 4.08 as per the current link on the RVW site.