Invitations to Worlds

When do worlds invitations through double qualification usually go out?

I’m not worried about ours (actually, that’s a lie, but I’m just paranoid), but it’d be good to know when I should be.

For reference, we had our state championship yesterday.

IDK for double qualifications but is took us about 5 days after our state championship but I think it depends on a lot of things.

The only reason I ask is that our C team, who qualified through tournament champions, has already received their invitation.

Again, I’m probably just paranoid.

They would receive it first because it’s an automated process for teams that qualify through an award/tournament champions. That is, the people running state put the results in the system, send it to robotevents, and the system automatically sends out emails to the teams that won something that qualifies for worlds.

Invites through double qualifications have to be done by hand so to speak by the regional coordinator (Corey McCoy). 127X got a worlds invite back in Toss Up because of our skills scores and double quals and iirc it came within the week after state.

OK, thank you!

Seb is wrong, we got our invites the day after the event. 3946W was the double-qualified team and 3946E got in because of the double qualification – we got the invites the same day.

We got our invite 8 days after the tourney. You should be good. I’d only get worried if it goes much more than a week

One off or teams got it about a week or so after.

We got ours today, 3 days after.

It is a hand process and it is going to be initiated by your RECF Regional Support Manager. That being said, the day after is perhaps asking too much. Kentucky had VEX VRC MS on Sat. VEXIQ ES/MS on Sun. Our rep was at both. Sundays was in the afternoon and he did not leave the event partner until 8 pm for a 4 hour drive home. He had every right to sleep later on Mon. But we still got our invite that evening.

We had ours at least day after, maybe day of.

We got ours on Monday for the skills spots. Since you got Tournament Champion, it should have been that Saturday Night.

One thing different from last year to pay attention to. YOU only have 1 week from the day of invitation to pay or lose your spot.