Invites for Top 50 (35 for HS and 15 for MS) Skills Challenge Invites

*Reposting this in the non-official channel… realised that the Official Q&A might not be the right place, but at the same time I have no idea where should I be posting this.


Writing in to clarify when is the top 50 (35 for HS and 15 for MS) skills challenge invites going to be sent out?

To date, I have only received the invites for 8059D (ranked #4) and 8059A (ranked #6).
Are the invites for 8059X (ranked #9) and 8059J (ranked #16) going to be sent out later or these two teams were left out (maybe due to some mixed up? ) ?

I know for Singapore, all the MS teams that are in the top 15 have already received their invites. So it is kind of strange (and unsettling) for not seeing the invites for 8059X and J.

I am waiting for the invites for these 2 teams to come in so that I can register my team en masse.


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Website/Forum Support and Unofficial Tech Support might be a good channels for this (along with this one and the “In the Zone” channel).

The best thing would be to email your Regional Support Manager or, which was suggested by one of the GDC’s Q&A answers from today. (It also said the Q&A section was just for questions about rules.)

I thought of that as well.
But not sure if the invites for global skills ranking will come directly from recf, instead of regional.

Will still check with my regional side. Thanks!

It took a while for us to get our invite, and it seems to be something that is happening to a lot of teams. 7700S got their invite three days before us, despite the fact that we are from the same organization. I wouldn’t worry yet, but it was definitely concerning for us.

Glad to know that… I would have thought they will send it out together for the same organisation.

Must be a real nervy 3 days wait for you guys…

We were waiting for an invitation off the World rankings following double qualifications @ states. A parent called RECF HQ (which was the wrong place to call vs. regl rep) and was told Friday which I then assumed was for Top35/15 (as we got our invite later that day from RegL Rep.). You would think that with computers it would be automatic, However, RECF is still human. The best thing about RECF/VEX is it is still human. The worst thing about RECF/VEX is humans are slower than computers. But for me, I like RECF/VEX to remain human and using names like Karthik, Paul and Dan is the same for us as saying Elvis, Oprah and Adele is in popular culture. @meng I am going to add you and @tabor473 to that list as well. The good news is it it now Friday in Singapore and hopefully you can send $975 several times over this way. See you in Louisville for another selfie. (and hoping to get Karthik there too for a third year in a row).

No… it is still Thursday night over here. Lol…
But I have been reminding myself - inner peace… inner peace…

And I have just learnt something new - so the emails are not automated… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway we did check with our RegL Rep… and she said she has no idea too. But she has promised to give recf a call.

And yes… this year I am determined to make myself less busy and take more photos with you guys (and spend more time trying to catch Karthik).