Hi Guys

Just got a quick poll, which may or may not eventuate into anything great.
On competition days, do you have an Android or Iphone on you at any particular time?
Do you bring a data capable phone with you on the day?
Let my emphasise… this is on COMPETITION days.



I bring an iPod touch and a camera

So what’s the app going to do?

lol even with the “no wifi” rule
everyone still uses it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
so you can make the app wifi capable too (for ipods)

to answer the question:
android (no data, wifi only)

Haha… you will find out!
I need to make sure this is allowed to be used before we continue development.
You could expect it to be rolled out towards mid 2012…
It could change everything!

This is an interesting question that keeps coming up with the team.
Short answer… it will be in the Terms & Conditions, which will outline what competitions MAY be allowed. In NZ, we have small competitions, sorta like ‘practise’ which may be allowed. It is all up to the event coordinator though.
Without giving too much away… we do plan on working closely with them.

Again… will depend on the event, and demand for wifi. The camera is a plus!

If the demand is great enough… we will roll this out to the various devices. It will start as a website, and ONLY if we meet targets will we submit to the marketplaces :slight_smile:

As for the NZ teams out there… if we see it will get the demand, we will conduct our testing with you all! It is in my best intentions that this does not interfere with important competitions.

Keep voting in the poll… it only shows support and will allow us to officially announce this sooner!

Until the next major update


Using Mobile data should be allowed at vex tournaments as it uses very different frequencies to Vexnet.
However I’m not sure if you were at the AURA scrimmage recently but there were maybe 3-4 WiFi access points in that room hosting about 5-7 WiFi networks (they are special access points that host multiple networks) and no one complained about problems (all the screens we had going were being linked via WiFi) so I’m not really sure how much of an impact normal WiFi networks have on Vexnet

However if you had two computers sending large files between them over WiFi this might change things as the computers would require more of the WiFi “time” available (because only one device can send data at any one time when on the same channel(at least this is my understanding))


True Scott.

Even a simple firewall on competition days would stop people from using high volumes of traffic?
When you have hundreds and sometimes even thousands of wifi users at a competition though…
At the end of the day, it is all up to the event organiser. We will be collaborating with them to make sure this lasts.

By “allowed” I meant something else entirely!
Vincent seemed interested in helping with the development of this… Hopefully the AURA team can get on board too!

As always… keep voting! And thanks for the interest so far.


I think (even though Android definitely outnumbers iPhone at Kiwibots events), people won’t be happy until you have both an android and an iphone version available. Luckily it’s not too difficult to write apps for both platforms.

We’d be more than happy to help out and contribute where we can - if you want to PM or e-mail me, or anyone else on the team, we can discuss what you want to do (and hopefully also give some guidance on if it would be “competition legal”).

When saying that this may go onto the market places, will they cost? Also I have no idea what you are thinking of making, but you need to make sure that it can be used for each season

Chances are they will probably not cost, or if they do alternative services are still in place.

Don’t worry about that.

We will be doing a round of short testing for selected NZ teams in about 2 months time.
I assume you will be at the scrimmage on the 28th :slight_smile:

Yeh, I will be there.
and I have an android phone with data :stuck_out_tongue: