Iphone Apps

I finally found a great way to make money for projects and parts with already learned skills! You can make iphone apps! Membership is $100 and you need a Mac running Leopard, but you can make iphone apps with C++ and some computer knowledge and sell them at the app store! I downloaded it (it’s called iphone SDK. My friend made an app with a “hard button” like the Staples Easy Button) and you really have to watch tutorials and play around with it because it seems a bit hard to use, but it’s really cool. You can even make screensavers and wallsavers and all kinds of other cool things!

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Any chance of this working with windows?

Not really,
there is a way to make it work in windows but in my opinion it is really not worth the trouble.

Srry your only reasonable option is to get a Mac


I guess you could torrent leopard and run it virtually from windows, but that’s not worth the trouble.The bad thing about this is that you would have to make a LOT of apps to make up for the 100$ that you spent on the membership.

Not if they’re good. imagine if you sell an app for $6. If apple gets one dollar of it each time somebody buys it and 100 people download it, you earn $500 already minus enrollment, $400!!!

I’m going to get a macbook pro when I get enough money! Or maybe a Modbook Pro…

Ah,Yes I forgot that you get money for each time someone downloads it, Sorry!

I got a Matchbook, don’t know if it is Pro or Not, but it sure starts the Bar-B-Q…

Balancing your pointless and regular posts again?

Thank You, Thank You Very Much…

Well, I read this thread and see “macbook pro” … “Modbook Pro”… I think “Matchbook Pro”… or maybe Not Pro, just “Matchbook” and the Bar-B-Q… Or maybe I just need to offset this post, Annoying (Windows Installer) Technical Note and Solution..

Well, anyway folks… You’ve been a Lovely Audience tonight, and I appreciate your enthusiastic response… I will be playing this room all week long, so please come back and visit us again…Here at the Vex-Galaxy Show Room and Juice-Bar. I’m the fantastic, MarkO, your humble entertainer… Good Night!

Lol you Should really balance your posts more often!

Anyway, I have been trying to figure out how to make an app for a while. Seriously, it’s hard! I’m going to search for an easier software to use for developing apps so I’ll report back if I find anything interesting. It turns out that my friend got help with his hard button from his friend who moved and doesn’t have an email address. Oh well.

PS I got an iPod for my birthday last summer! Now I can test my apps! And if you want to know how to use your iPod as a phone just ask.:slight_smile:

Finally! I found an app that shows how to make an iphone app!!! search for it! I’m working on an app, so if you want your quote to be on an iphone app, just send it to [email protected] with its color and your nickname. I have 10 spots left until release, so hurry!

Now 8 left. MarkO added two.

Oh and if you want to learn a little bit about it look for an app called “How to Make Your First iPhone App” Hope this helps someone!!!:):):):):slight_smile:

I envy mac users now.:eek::eek::eek:

You should get a mac! It’s a good investment.

Well, I don’t have near enough money to get a mac (I only have like $40 lol), My parents won’t get a mac simply because of compatibility issues with the OS.
If you ever need help writing an app in c++ just ask.

You can run windows on a mac.

and thanks, i’ll ask if I have any problems, although I’m done coding my first app.:slight_smile:

Coding is one of my “fortes”. I can help you with anything involving the c++ syntax but I can’t help you with ipod specific commands.

I finished the app! look for iQuote-U in the app store soon! I just need to get it liscenced.