Iphone Apps

Cool! I’ll see if I can look at this on my sisters ipod touch.

I hate macs. They are so much harder to mess with. There are tons of tricks on Windows that Macs won’t let you do. I’d say stick with Windows XP. But, that’s your opinion. Here’s a video:

That’s true. Also, Macs aren’t good for gaming because they don’t have DirectX.

So that means i wouldn’t be able to play my favorite game, Battlefield 1942 on a Mac.

Trust me - Macs are way better than Windows PCs! Macs have features that MAKE SENSE! Say you’re on a website. You want to upload a picture to a site, but don’t want have to look for it on your cluttered desktop. Just drag your picture to the “upload” button and it uploads! Macs make sense. (Plus you can run windows on them!!!)

Look for an app called “iQuote-U” in the app store next week! And be sure to check out iquote-u.webs.com! Thanks!

So… what exactly does this do? (just curious)

It’s in a very early stage now (I only have 18 quotes so feel free to contribute) but basically you have a bunch of numbered buttons. The user submitted quotes are colored (they get to choose the color) and when you press a button it displays a quote. I’m going to add a searchbar and windows you can slide between once I learn how.