iPhone/iPod/iPad Scouting App!

Hello everybody my name is Frank Sanchez and I used to be a member of a local Florida VEX team. Today I’m announcing the release of an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app which is an all-in-one scouting solution for robotics teams. Features include:
-Ability to add numerous text information about various items relating to an robot
-Ability to take picture of an robot and store on the device
-Ability to share individual Team Contacts to other devices through Bluetooth
-Ability to export all Team Contacts into a Excel readable file which you can save and edit on a computer.

If you want to check the app out (it is free) just follow the link below. Also if you have any comments or suggestions about the app you can contact me at the below information. Hope you enjoy the app!


Frank Sanchez

What really is impressive is how easy it is to use the app. Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks TeamViper!

Awesome! I don’t have an iphone, but I’ll tell someone on my team to download this…Very nice work!