ipod or zune

just wondering which one you like better

i like the ipod (although i dont have one) but i support microsoft and i think the zune is really cool

in general about the same

I pod all the way, I love the little apple and it feels better for me:)

Want an iPhone… Those ROCK!!! I would be posting messages here, from ANYWHERE…

iPods are great, but as usual Apple charges alot for very little hardware. You can get a better value if you buy something other than iPod.

I’ve never even heard of zune.

yea, if i didnt see it on microsofts homepage i never would have heard of zune either

FYI – It is a MP3 player made by Microsoft. It is the “iPod Killer” HA HA HA

I want an iPod touch its $300 but I cant tell if I should get that or a Ps3 or a guitar.

Get a Xbox, not PS3, and the ipod touch is cool, but overpriced.

i agree but if you were going to buy an ipod touch just spent the extra couple dollars and buy the iphone:)

I voted iPod, primarily because of the (16 Gb) iPod Touch and secondly because Apple’s customer support at their stores is amazing. That and the Zunes have never really impressed me with in the features and innovation department the way iPods have.

The only two things from Microsoft that impress me are the Xbox and Microsoft Office.

Because I wouldn’t want to switch from Verizon to AT&T (nor would I want to unlock it), and because iPod Touch is available with twice the storage space (16Gb as opposed to 8Gb). With iTunes telling me that I have 2363 songs occupying 11.35 Gb of hard drive space, a 8 Gb iPhone wouldn’t cut it. :slight_smile:

i like ipod especially the shuffle the only flaws to the shuffle are

  1. breaking the clip or bending it
  2. the charger/sync breaks

1 is easy to avoid just take care of it
2 dont put in your pocket i did break on
if u are on the go this account called iphonecity on ebay.com

it has this nice ipod charger that is less likely to break and comes with ac adapter and car adapter

just be aware its a charger only cause a computer wont recognize cause it doesnt the internal circuitry of the ipod dock
all the other ipod chargers are fine and dont break easily:D