iPong: What i consider the golden standard of Ping-Pong Launchers

Sorry i don’t have any pics but here is a video:

It is VERY cool and has a mount for my Macbook to forward Video to my iMac(yes, i am a Mac person). I use a VNC program to remote control MacNQC and control the Lego RCX that poweres the Claw and one of the Tracks.

you should program that so it does it all on its own

Yah, i am working on that now. Getting ot timing right for the RCX and VEX will be hard though.

the firing and loading mechanisms look good, but from the video it looks like your bot isn’t very balanced.

What do you meean by Balanced, It has a very wide wheel base but i do nt think that is what you mean, Please explain.

in the video it looks like the boot is kind of wobeling as it moves.

i think he/she doesnt have it square that happened to me it like sterres off corse and then you have to correct so i think it is fine but the frame is a little crooked

I think that with the weight of a laptop/macbook it would not be as wobbly

p.s. i hate macs…but nice bot:cool:

omg that is awesome dude:) congrats!

a good suggestion i hve would b to use an 84 tooth gear since the equipment(spoon) is so light u could probably get even better speed and the side of robot looks like has enough space for one

How did you move the ping pong ball up the slope?? (Chain and sprocket kit??)

The first slope is done with a large rubberband and some legos. The second one os a sprocket and chain kit, with a thing hanging down.

how could you hate a mac?

and you say you have enough logic to build robots.

do you have the distance the ball went setup like that?

Congrats on the robot
Looks Great, a little but of fine tuning would make it perfect


the ball looks like it travels 3-4 feet with a little changes like 84 instead of the 60 tooth gear it might work