IQ 6x8 field

I just want to know, how do you guys feel about the new 6x8 field?
I do not like it. I know that there is more room to drive your robot, but it makes it so much harder logistically. It is harder to fit in houses/cars, harder to transport. It is also much harder to make/buy tables for. Nothing comes in 6x8 sheets. plywood/MDF comes in 4x8, and most table risers, like most commonly used for IQ fields, are 4x4. I know that they are kind of helpful for social distancing during tournaments, but They suck for teams who have to meet in houses, as it is much harder to fit in.


I’m personally not a fan so far, for the reasons you listed above. In addition, the 4x8 field worked great with a Murphy’s Bed-style storage system; 6x8 is a bit tougher - especially in a room with a low ceiling.
Hopefully the IQ challenge will adapt to fully taking advantage of the new field setup in future games.


I agree with that. Rise above kinda does that, but mostly because of the big elements and the large goals.

I do VEX IQ in a 8’ x 8’ room, so the 4’ x 8’ field worked great for me. But when they changed the field size, not only is it a $100 upgrade, but it makes it harder to transport and support. Now I have a 6’ x 8’ field in a 8’ x 8’ room, making it so I have to build my robots on the field and drive from the doorway because I don’t have enough room (legalized by the blue box under LRT2).


Feel free to get your coach to join the Facebubs VEXIQ coaches group VEX IQ World wide Coaches Association Public Group | Facebook and complain there. That’s the group that really wanted the extra space.

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i want a circular field, i feel like u could do more w/ it


This Group is for Coaches, mentors and teachers who do VEX IQ robotics from around the world.

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Well something I want to see is the VexIq field folding. So if we have a party or something we will have so much space even tho I have a huge house.

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I just wish that both the IQ and VRC fields held water. Incase people spill drinks on it by accident or something like that… For an easy cleanup, sure.


Who need water game when you can have:

Mtn. Dew Game!!!

vex mountain dew