IQ Banners

So last year, our team won the design award at states in new york. We never received a banner to hang up in our school. I looked online again and saw that almost every other state gave away banners. Was that supposed to happen or was the people who were hosting just being cheap?
Im talking about states.

Banners are totally optional, see the order form for this year’s banners here. It may or may not be possible for your team to order the relevant banner if you want to, contact your RSM for more info.

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I ordered banners for states. Cost was $1,109.

You can contact the EP and they can order one for you. A single banner with shipping is $60. (I had to order an additional after the tournament… I didn’t order for VEXU but the UCF kids were so flipping awesome, they won excellence, and they gave me that look… You know, THAT look…)


One of our teams won the State in Robotic Skills and the state did not provide banners. I ordered one on my own for the team from the form provided earlier.

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