IQ Battery Recycling Challenges

I have about 50 Vex IQ batteries that don’t hold a charge long enough to be useful. However, I can’t find any place that will take them. They really don’t belong in a landfill and shouldn’t be incinerated.

Does anyone know of any recyclers that will take these?

Battery Wholesale recycles batteries, also, most Lowes, Home Depot, etc. too. Most (all?) “Habitat for Humanity” Re-Stores also take electronic waste of all types.

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Maybe look into E-Waste recyclers in your area. You would have to call/ contact them to be sure but it is likely that they would take what you have.

I haven’t tried Battery Wholesale yet, but stores like Home Depot and Best Buy no longer take batteries. The scrap yards wouldn’t take them, nor would the township recycling center. A local e-waste recycling place would take them if I paid $2 per battery.

Well, that really encourages recycling… :angry:

I don’t know how common Habitat For Huminity Restores are, but our local store takes everything/anything electronic, no questions asked. You just drive up and dump your stuff into a big hopper.


There is a Restore shop in Pontiac. I will try there.

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