IQ blocks controller programing help

I am trying to program my controller. I have the drivetrain set up with forward / backward on left joy stick, and turning on right joy stick. I want to set the turn velocity when I use the right joy stick side to side to be reduced or slower, like 50% normal speed, but cannot figure out how to do this using IQ blocks. Nothing seems to work. Appreciate any guidance / recommendations.

I believe you need to set up your own contoller-to-motors if-elses inside a (probably forever) loop, and then use math on the right joystick. Can’t do it with “drivetrain” joystick and button definitions.

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Hi @Vrosco There are two example projects in VEXcode IQ Blocks, Clawbot Control and Controller Buttons. The Clawbot Control example projects sets the velocity of the left and right motors to the Controller axis. Hopefully, those can help.

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“Set Turn Velocity to (x)%” doesn’t work?


No I tried that Thanks.