IQ blocks doesn't recognize Brain

I’m just getting started with VexIQ and cannot get IQ Blocks to recognize my Brain.

I’m trying to upload my first program from my Chromebook to the Brain via USB. IQ Blocks is running on a recent Asus C423 Chromebook with ChromeOS 81. The Brain’s firmware is v1.03. The brain turns on and responds to button presses, but the LED doesn’t light up (green or otherwise). The Brain icon remains white in IQ Blocks. I’ve restarted the Brain and IQ blocks numerous times each.

Anything else I should try? Are there known issues with Chromebooks? I’m going to try again later with IQ Blocks on MacOS, but would prefer to be able to use the Chromebook.

If your IQ brain is running 1.03 then its firmware is many years out of date - the current version is 2.1.5.

I suggest you update the brains firmware using the standalone update utility available for Mac or PC from this page, and then try again with the chromebook.


I updated the firmware with the utility, and the the Brain now shows much more functionality, and the utility recognizes all the sensors. I’ll try IQ Blocks on the Chromebook again tomorrow. Thanks!

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The firmware update succeeded, but when there’s no change when using IQ blocks on the Chromebook. It still doesn’t recognize the brain. Anything further I can try?


Did you update all the way to the very latest IQ firmware which is 2.1.5 ?
Try another USB port, if that doesn’t work send feedback using IQ blocks, add the chromebook model and chromos version info if possible.


Just want to check you are running the version from the chrome app store and not the Android version.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll check the version of Blocks when I have the Chromebook back (my child just left with it).