IQ Brain flashing between Settings and Programs

Not James Jeffries but related IQ coach.
Our IQ brain screen randomly starts flashing between Settings and Programs. We have uploaded all recent software and thought that fixed it, only to have it happen 20 minutes in to practice. Brain has a blinking green light. We have been dealing with this for over a month and cannot fix it. Ideas?

check to see if you have a stuck X button

Doesn’t appear so. But thanks for the reply!

two questions:

  1. is this only happening to on of your brains?
  2. have you tried switching the controller connected to the brain?
  1. Yes, out of our four teams, only this one is having problems.
  2. Yes, we have connected a different controller and end up with the same problem.

do all the buttons on the brain work as they should normally?

Yes, all buttons work as they should.

And I assume you have tried switching batteries?

Looks like we may be good folks! Might be a bad controller battery. Crossing our fingers for our tournament tomorrow! Thank you everyone for your help!